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Our Invoicing Services helps keep your cash flowing and gives you time to concentrate on the things you do best.
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Invoicing is crucial for your business if you want to maintain a positive cash flow but the practice can often be neglected due to all of the other demands and pressures that running a small business brings. 

Have you ever forgotten to send out an invoice?

It sounds unlikely, but it can often slip our minds because we are so busy.  As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to send out the invoice to the customer and there is evidence to show that clients who are invoiced on the same day that the job is completed, are 1½ times more likely to pay.

Are you clear on which customers have been sent an invoice and which are outstanding?

It’s imperative that you have a system in place to know exactly where you are up to. 

Do you struggle to know what to put on the invoice?

It’s important that the details included provide yourself and your client a clear understanding of how your costs are derived as well as the payment terms

Why Choose Simplysolved?

SimpySolved can help take away this added drain on your time by putting a system in place to manage the whole process. 

One of the most important aspects is establishing a numbering system to make it easy to track and manage which invoices have been paid, which are pending and also prevents duplicates being sent.  

Branding your invoice can make a big difference; it’s a good marketing opportunity and also portrays your business as a professional. 

SimplySolved can help by creating a template to ensure that there is uniformity across all of your company’s paperwork. 

SimplySolved know the significance of the details on the invoice being clear and accurate. It’s paramount that the customer has no queries on any aspect of the invoice as this could delay payment.

It’s also important that the format is professional and grammatically correct; spelling a customer’s name incorrectly, for example, doesn’t look good.

It can often help to understand your client’s pay cycle. SimplySolved can liaise with your customer’s, if required, to sync your pay cycle with theirs to help you receive payment in a timely fashion.

By establishing an organised approach to dealing with your invoices, SimplySolved can track when payments should have been received and can send reminders out if necessary.

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