Databases & Spreadsheets

Collating and having easy access to the figures of your business is crucial to understanding your business performance.
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Do you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system?


Do you know which of your products/services are most profitable?


Do you know which months/quarters are your busiest in terms of sales?


Can you easily identify your best products?


Do you know where your enquiries come from?

Spreadsheets and Database admin

How Can I Help?

A spreadsheet or database can provide answers to all the above and enable you to have a much better understanding of your business and what’s working well.

They can both be useful tools for the storage of data and they don’t have to be scary! Having all of your business information in one place means that you can more easily keep a track of the data for your business.

SimplySolved can work with you to understand your business and the areas where it would benefit you to have such a system.

We can then create the relevant tool in an easy to use format that will effortlessly provide the information to help you. Just some of the benefits


Contact information spreadsheets that can be used for a mailing exercise to send letters/offers to prospects and clients.


Track expenditures and plan for future transactions.


Facility to very simply query on the data (search on location/category etc).

Why Choose Simplysolved?

It takes time and expertise to set up a database. Most business people don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to carry out the initial creation and maintenance. It makes sense to outsource to a Virtual Assistant which will ultimately then provide you with a wealth of information to support the operation – and success of your business. 

Get In Touch About Databases And Spreadsheets

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