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If you need an important meeting or discussion typing up, we can help.
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When you are sat in a meeting or having a conversation with someone, it can appear rude to take notes but we often do require a written transcript of what has been said. Recording the discussion means that the audio file can be typed up so that you have this record for future reference.

It maybe that you don’t have your own personal secretary but require a letter or report typing and want it to be displayed in a professional manner? Dictating the content means that the file can be passed to SimplySolved to transcribe into a document that can then be circulated.

How Can I Help?

Other examples of some of the transcription work that I have undertaken for clients include: tv scripts, articles, dissertations, speeches and reports.

There are a number of things that can affect the speed in which the audio can be transcribed.  For example :-


How many people are involved in the conversation and if there is overlapping dialogue


The clarity of the recording


The talking speed of the people involved


The clarity of speech (e.g. accents, mumbling)

Why Choose Simplysolved?

Having a secretarial background and a typing speed of over 80wpm, I am aptly skilled to be able to produce an accurate transcription. 

Outsourcing recordings that have been made on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone is the easiest and most efficient way of obtaining that important written record that you require.

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